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School Profile

Major General Griesbach School has Kindergarten, elementary and Junior High programs. French as a second language is offered in grades 4 – 9. Balanced Literacy has been very effective to maximize success and build a strong literacy foundation for all students. Major General Griesbach School is a district site for special needs, with opportunity classes from grades 1 – 9. Wireless laptops and netbooks labs support learning in all curricular areas. Complementary courses in the junior high include music, study skills, art and a variety of Career and Technology samplings, including computer studies, foods, construction and robotics.  Small class sizes and extra support for learning are providing improved student results.   Our school employs a Professional Learning Community model that ensures all students are successful through a systematic set of interventions designed to offer support and enrichment to all students. Character education nurtures growth in responsibility and respect, building a foundation that develops a process for success now, and habits for success in the future.